Bytefinite Services

Android Development

Android development is one of the core services we have been offering. We create applications with minimalistic user interface, rich features, high performance and usability. Every step of our development is consulted with our clients to meet their specific business demands and needs. Communication with our client combined with latest development technologies and experience in Android development helps us deliver well documented and tested applications of high quality.

Application Design

BYTEFINITE provides professional application design with clean layout, intuitive usage and high interactivity for anything from small applications to large projects. We specialize in minimalistic design to best fit even smallest mobile screens. We use prototyping which not only helps us detect potential issues and set right priorities before we begin development stage, but it is also great tool to take communication with our clients to next level. By better design presentation, we are able to use never before used designs and practices to increase quality of our products even further.

Support and Maintenance

As your needs change and grow constantly, application deployed to manage business also need to change to reflect those changes. We believe that professional maintenance and support is the right way to ensure useful improvements and optimizations. We stay in line with the latest technology tendencies, which help us keep your applications up to date with latest industry standards and maximize their uptime. It also ensure that your software is cost-effective and runs smoothly and reliably.


Quality Standards

We have high quality standards in BYTEFINITE. By delivering high quality services, we ensure profitable and productive long term cooperation with our clients.

Visual Presentation

Fully interactive prototypes help us gather better feedback from clients, resulting in reduced time and costs of development. This greatly contributes to our ability of identifying potential risks in early development phases and avoid unexpected losses.

Customer Satisfaction

Our topmost priority is to satisfy our clients by meeting their needs. We are focusing on our client’s specific needs and best ways to achieve them in every project. Our product is only finished when our customer is fully satisfied with the results.


To achieve highest quality of our products, we consider communication with our customer to be building stone for all of our projects. We carefully study each project to understand the needs of the client and objectives to deliver a reliable and efficient solution.

Long-Term Partnership

Our goal is not only providing development services, but becoming our customer’s trusted partner. By solid, honest and consistent communication with our customers we aim to achieve strong, long lasting relationship.

Continuous Improvement

Passion for what we do combined with regular training in key development technologies and practices help us meet the requirements for changing technology and improving our capabilities.


We guarantee a highest degree of confidentiality and security in every project. All our client’s information remains strictly confidential. BYTEFINITE will NEVER sell or disclose any client information under any circumstances.


Timefinite is timer application for Android devices, suitable for any kind of activity with large selection of visual and audio options. Create countdowns, timers, categories with multiple timers, exercises with sets and reps or combine it all into powerful workout. Timefinite also comes with stopwatch which enables you to save lap times across sessions. All timers work with screen off or in background so you can continue your workout with phone in your pocket. When you are done with your workout routine, Timefinite saves your logs and statistics to review later and improve. Every Timefinite screen has built in music player in right drawer to be easily accessible during workouts. It plays most popular audio formats and contains all features you would expect from professional music player. Timefinite also comes with highly customizable alarms and wide selection on dynamic widgets to fit any screen size.




Music Byte player application for Android devices let's you play music from home screen thanks to floating widget. It enables you full control over your music without ever switching to full screen application. It let's you listen to song in the most popular audio formats and enables you to play the songs from albums, artists, genres, folders, playlists or the whole library. To enhance your experience, you can enable one of many equalizer presets or create your own. If that's still not enough you can use notifications or widgets to control your music and personalize everything in colors of your choice.



You will never again forget your tasks with highly customizable alarm application Alarm-o-Byte for Android devices. Personalize alarms with one of many included tones and themes or create your own! Every alarm can be customized even further with plenthora of settings. All alarms can be easily managed on home screen with dynamic widgets to fit all your needs.




BYTEFINITE is an international software development company specializing in applications for Android devices. We provide services and solutions to individuals and companies of all sizes ranging from small businesses to large international enterprises across the globe. We are there for our clients at any stage of product development, from project idea to support and maintenance. Staying ahead of curve gives us advantage of providing our clients with innovative, cost-effective and dependable applications. We have expertise in a wide range of technologies, sharp eye for detail and passion for what we do. This is why we provide our customers with business performance and efficiency improvements beyond their expectations.